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Swipe! Swipe!


Just got back from jalan-jalaning. But, before jalan-jalaning, i had my brekkie at wywy for a dose of teh tarik ping (addicted ahhh, can?) sekali kan the waitress bawa 2 menu. at first bangang ku. sekali i ordered, apparently ada yang half-price meal if datang awal. and you know apa nya waitress atu?

Waitress: kawan?
Me: Inda, sorang saja (confidently)
Waitress: Sorang saja? (with the look)

inda buleh makan sorang? macam loner? inda jua apa-apa bah..ertinya aku supergirl kan? berani makan sorang. And sometimes, you feel like you wanta be alone jua tu..walaupun makan kan? bukannya ku mengacau urang. lagipun i brought my lappy with me. But, WTF, the connection was bad..

..and i was crabby..
been..crabby like for these past few days pon.. and uber unpredictable.. sal last 2 days, while watching 'the cave' with hubs, all of the sudden i shouted "I want pizza". And he was like a Genie, went out and buy me one walaupun it was raining heavily and he well, missed the 1st Nota prelude.

and yesterday, i texted him
"balikan diet coke with lemon..."

since, yatah the first time ku minum tu. entah, tiba-tiba saja that drink appear in my head. What's wrong with me??? i'm asking something out of the ordinary, plus..inda lagi mau-mau tu. and the best part is, hub was willing to be my "genie" hehe..

So, aii..u must be wondering apa kami buat for our anniversary kan?? well, we didnt go out, no special dinner, no pressie..u just stayed in meliat cerita yang paaaaaallling romantic iaitu "death tunnel" - aih? inda romantic kan skari mubi ani?? romantik jua tu...takut, minta paluk! heeee... yea, well kami kan celebrate maybe tomorrow or saturday naitt.. eh saturday night inda buleh, sal ada concert prelude, krg inda tia ku dapat buat coverage untuk si Sza, kan sza?

sooo...today... hub lend me something.. ehehe...notice ku pakai lend instead of give. Salnya, ia lend me his "plastik money" (quote, Rosie 2006) ahaha..and hence the title of this post "swipe-swipe"

Awu...he said, i havent been spending much on myself bah this month, so, ia lend me the card to go..shopping!! whoahaha..

Right timing jua. sal i got a happy text tadi pagi.. someone's getting married this 18th june and i'm invited. So, off i went membali...membali apa nah? -kain!!

bought 2 kains. 1-blue and 2-brown. I bought 2 sal ada 2 weddings to attend next month. And one wedding compulsory warna Biru (hehe, well, votes paling banyak warna biru, jadi we're gonna go blue lah)...so, swipe-swipe-swipe...

and tarus antar to the kadai jahit. Aiih batah jua ku disana. i was planning something outrageous for this one particular wedding. yang the other kain, simple saja ku buat but, fashion lah.. but this othe one, very-very outrageous..i hope t turns out okay..and upah kain sudah oredi making me pengsan..but, yeah, hubs was all fine with it..

Supposed kan ada lunch date with lina, had to cancel sal i dont have cash with me lagi...(that's how broke i am) so here i am internetting saja..

Nota prelude 1 &2:
I think ah..hatiku mulai tertarik kepada diddy inda lagi si jeff eh..cam sasak ku sudah meliat ia atu. Personally, i think the AF this year very-very cute & lawa & hensem. jadi, it'll be quite interesting salnya, the vote will be based on their talents kan??

So, nota prelude ani just a 30 mins show, just introducing the AF students lah.. the last 2 yang kana liatkan amirul, haziq, jeff, tasha, zila, haider, karen and the other 2 aku lupa namanya..karang lupa ku siapa lagi yang kana liatkan...

Well, i think it's gonna be a good concert. will cover on that maybe sunday. ani aku lapar. i have option between makan, 1) icecream atau 2)indo-mee.. eh buleh 2 kah???

p/s: tae bo's a good exercise, i recommend it. turun weight capat. my waist is 1 inch kurang sudah and i've turun 1 kg jua..been practising the 8min tae bo everyday now...